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Served as an appetizer or accompaniment. K. Zafeiropoulos - A. Tomaras Industrial and Commercial S.A. sells finely chopped aubergines, preserved in brine.

Rich in vitamins and minerals, fibers, proteins and carbohydrates.

Aubergine has a characteristic bitter taste and is a source of magnesium and B-complex vitamins. It protects brain cells from lipid peroxidation due to free radicals, thus enhancing brain function. In particular, owing to its content in anthocyanin (nasunin), it is categorized among foods with high antioxidant activity.

Thanks to its high content in fibers it is effective against constipation and prevents the occurrence of hemorrhoids and colitis. It has low calories and no fat, while during digestion it absorbs fats from other foods, thus helping us loose weight.


K. Zafeiropoulos - A. Tomaras Industrial and Commercial S.A., Pickles
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Tragano Elias
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