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Served as an appetizer or accompaniment. K. Zafeiropoulos - A. Tomaras Industrial and Commercial S.A. sells finely chopped carrots, preserved in brine.

Used in vegetable salads.

The root of the carrot (orange part) has a high content in beta-carotene, a substance converted into vitamin A by the human body. In addition, Beta-carotene is a strong antioxidant that enhances significantly our body’s defense against cancer and, especially, against lung cancer.

Recent studies have demonstrated the beneficial effects of beta-carotene for the prevention of strokes and heart disease. In addition, it has been proven that carrots supply our body with sufficient amounts of vitamin K, C and B6, as well as iron, manganese, potassium and copper.

Furthermore, carrots contain large amounts of carotenoids that have strong antioxidant activity and vitamins A and C. It is recommended that they are thoroughly washed due to the large quantity of pesticides used for their cultivation.


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